Saturday, December 21, 2013

Justine Sacco AIDS Africa Tweet

Justine Sacco - Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS.
Just kidding. I'm white!

Huffington Post (Huff Post) reports that A public relations representative for a major media company appears to have posted a strange tweet on Friday about race and AIDS in Africa.

Justine Sacco should be beat up by 50 African men and left in a ditch....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Church Rape Charles Phelps

Phelps forced the victim to apologize to the church congregation?

How can Charles Phelps call himself a pastor and a man of God?!!

"Pastor" Charles Phelps is guilty of spiritual abuse!!!

Abusive church leaders like Charles Phelps make me sick!!!

Abusive church leaders like Charles Phelps must be punished!!!

Read more from the church rape trial news article (via USA TODAY)

Read more about Charles Phelps, now at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Asiana Crash Investigation from New York Times

Excerpt from New York Times article: 

Another issue is making use of all the people in the cockpit. That issue was highlighted by the other big Korean carrier, Korean Air, in a 1997 crash in Guam. In that crash, too, part of the instrument landing system was out of service for scheduled maintenance. 

But the captain of a 747 insisted it was working, and managed to tune the plane’s radio to pick up some stray signal he concluded was the glide-slope indicator, which helps keep planes at the correct descent angle. It was not, and the junior officer, the flight engineer, kept saying so, but the captain pressed on, bringing the plane down in the jungle several miles short of the runway.

Stupid, arrogant, stubborn, pig-headed Korean people....

I'm sick and tired of the arrogance of Korean culture and Korean people....

Monday, May 20, 2013

Korean Apostate Church

The South Korean church and the Korean-American church are apostate churches

The people of the South Korean Christian churches and the Korean-American Christian churches claim to love God and worship God, but they have abandoned true Christian faith

Just as the Israelites worshiped the golden calf, Baal and various idols....the people of the South Korean church and Korean-American church worship the idols of Confucian philosophy, materialism, Korean culture and Korean nationalism

The people of South Korea are just as brainwashed as the people of North Korea are

I stumbled on a Los Angeles Times article from May 1994 - Korean American Church Silent Exodus

Here are some article excerpts: 

When you try to show some autonomy in the church, (the older generation) takes it as an attack on them. They want to know if you don't like being Korean.

Gaps in culture and language have led to breakaway ministries and new church strategies that offer considerably more than a simple English translation of a Korean service. In the vanguard are younger ministers who are creating hybrid congregations with nicknames such as "condo churches," "spiritual duplexes" or "religious rooms for rent." All of these maintain ties to a mother Korean church, but they have distinct identities with their own minister, other leaders and--in rare cases--control of the budget.

But some traditional ministers advocate more extreme tactics to retain younger members. In Whittier, Young So Hyun has gained a following among conservative church leaders in Southern California with his campaign to upgrade the younger membership's Korean language skills. Hyun, who founded the Christian Education Institute to promote his solution, considers Americanized Koreans "Neo-Koreans" who are more worldly, less spiritual.

"What I'm saying is that the more traditionally Korean they are the more intrinsically religious they will be," Hyun said.

Among his practical strategies is this language tip for mothers: "Do not answer when they speak English. If they say, 'Give me food,' don't give them food. If they ask in Korean, then you may give them food."

"Young So Hyun," of the "Christian Education Institute" deserves divine punishment!

Korean Christians claim to love God and worship God, but Korean Christians actually worship and idolize the Confucian philosophy of Korea - which entails absolute submission to authority and fawning respect for one's elders and the elderly.