Wednesday, July 16, 2014

outcastloner New name URL address

After being online for 10 years as 

"What If I Stumble" - 

gyopo has now moved to

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Korean women Insane Crazy Korean-American Second-Generation Women Insane Crazy Psychiatric Illnesses

second-generation young women in their 20s and 30s are 
completely insane....
completely crazy!

Why are 61% of Korean-American second-generation women marrying non-Korean husbands??!

What will happen to all of the Korean-American 
second-generation men 
who cannot find wives
 and who cannot get married?!!

한국일보 미주판에 의하면 미국에 사는 

한인 2세 여자들 중 61%가 

한국인 2세 남자와 결혼하지 않고 

한국인이 아닌 타민족 남편과 

결혼을 한단다.

정말 정말 미치겠다!!!! 

한인 2세 여자들이 완전히 돌았고만!!!

한인 2세 여자들이 완전히 미쳤고만....

정신 병자 되었고만!!!

한인 2세 여자들과 대한민국의 

젊은 여자들이 제 정신이 아니고...

정신과 치료를 받아야 하는 

정신 병자들이고만!!!

나쁜 년들!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

URL change new What If I Stumble NOW Known As Social Outcast Reject

After being online for 10 years as 

"What If I Stumble" - 

gyopo has now moved to

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Woman Natural Beauty

URL Address Change for What If I Stumble

After being online for 10 years as 

"What If I Stumble" - 

gyopo has now moved to

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gyopo - My Story of the Fallen World

Fallen World - The Story of gyopo

All humans - even most of the people who say they are devout Christians - are brutal, and sinful

Women should cleave to their husbands.

HOWEVER, the sinful nature in women gives them the desire to DOMINATE men.

This domination of men by women is clearly  
NOT Biblical....

All I ever wanted was to "fit in" and live a happy life. 

I thought I would have a high school girlfriend....

I had hoped that I would marry my college sweetheart....but even in college, all of the "Christian" girls rejected me....

I wanted to "fit in" and have a relationship with at least one girlfriend, 
but I was continuously ostracized and rejected by girls again and again and again.....

The past 20 years of being insulted, ostracized and rejected by girls again has been very, very painful for me

Girls - women - especially "Christian" women have behaved 
as if I am the SCUM OF THE EARTH!

Because women have rejected me and shunned me over and over again
I don't know how relationships with women work. 

How do "normal" men go from being friends with dating women and having the PERFECT DREAM that is called MARRIAGE?!!


Most of the people that I knew in high school and college are now married with kids

The girls that I knew in high school and college - all of the women who rejected me and shunned me - are now married and posting pictures on Facebook. 

Was it my destiny to be a 30-something who was and still is being rejected and shunned by women?

Because of women - and because of "Christian" women - I have experienced misery, REJECTION, LONELINESS, and pain

I have been DENIED the basic joys and pleasures of life -  

I have been repeatedly rejected and humiliated by women....

I pose no physical danger  or threat to you....




Monday, February 4, 2008

Genesis 6

The LORD Will Send a Flood
More and more people were born, until finally they spread all over the earth. Some of their daughter were so beautiful that supernatural beings came down and married the ones they wanted. Then the LORD said, "I won't let my life-giving breath remain in anyone forever. No one will live for more than one hundred twenty years." The children of the supernatural beings who had married these women became famous heroes and warriors. They were called Nephilim and lived on the earth at that time and even later.

The LORD saw how bad the people on earth were and that everything they thought and planned was evil. He was very sorry that he had made them, and he said, "I'll destroy every living creature on earth! I'll wipe out people, animals, birds, and reptiles. I'm sorry I ever made them."

But the LORD was pleased with Noah, and this is the story about him. Noah was the only person who lived right and obeyed God. He had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

God knew that everyone was terribly cruel and violent. So he told Noah:

Cruelty and violence have spread everywhere. Now I'm going to destroy the whole earth and all its people. Get some good lumber and build a boat. Put rooms in it and cover it with tar inside and out. Make it four hundred fifty feet long, seventy-five feet wide, and forty-five feet high. Build a roof on the boat and leave a space about eighteen inches between the roof and the sides. Make the boat three stories high and put a door on one side. I'm going to send a flood that will destroy everything that breathes! Nothing will be left alive. But I solemnly promise that you, your wife, your sons and your daughters-in-law will be kept safe in the boat. Bring into the boat with you a male and female of every kind of animal and bird, as well as a male and female of every reptile. I don't want them to be destroyed. Store up enough food both for yourself and for them.

Noah did everything the LORD told him to do.